gatekeeper gate‧keep‧er [ˈgeɪtˌkiːpə ǁ -ər] noun [countable]
1. MARKETING someone in an organization who has a lot of influence over which products it buys, which company it buys them from etc:

• For technology gatekeepers, the challenge is to keep ahead of new computer developments.

2. informal JOBS someone in an organization who decides who should deal with particular enquiries and customers. Gatekeepers may also restrict who is allowed to talk to certain people in the organization:

• The receptionist has an important role to play as the firm's gatekeeper.

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gatekeeper UK US /ˈgeɪtˌkiːpər/ US  /-pɚ/ noun [C]
a person or organization that controls whether people can have or use a particular service: »

British Telecom lost its gatekeeper status when it was forced to open up the local network to other companies.

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